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STOP: It’s Time To Invest In Your Health NOW so it Doesn’t Cost You Dearly Later!!!!

Healthy eating, losing weight & maintaining your correct body weight is achievable when you understand what to do….

However like everyone these days, are you confused with all the conflicting information you see on weight loss and improving your health?  (** You’re not alone…watch our 90 second video!)

When you do find something, do you lack the motivation to follow it through and lose interest every time?

Would you like to learn how to achieve and maintain YOUR ideal weight the correct way once and for all? Whilst fueling better energy levels in your body?

You are welcome to come and see us for a FREE 45 minute Clinical Fat Loss Consultation (Valued at $139)

Here’s what we’ll cover in your free consultation…

  • Learn the real reasons why you are still carrying weight
  • Find out what your target body weight should be, based on your age, height, sex and body composition scan
  • Find out if your hormones may be stopping you achieving your ideal weight (both males and females)
  • Discover what stops most people succeeding with weight loss
  • Learn tips to increase energy and stamina levels through better food choices 
  • How you can lose weight using a proven, step by step plan that will be designed for you and your lifestyle!

Plus we’ll explain your detailed, customised body composition analysis report showing you your…

  • Percentage Body Fat
  • Visceral fat level (the nasty disease causing fat surrounding your abdominal organs)
  • Skeletal muscle density
  • Bone mineral density
  • Muscle/Body symmetry

At the end of your consult if you would like us to help you with a plan for your health going forward, we can certainly do that, and if not, at least you will have an understanding on where you are currently at with your health and if changes need to be considered.

*Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols

To get started apply for your free session by clicking on the Book Now button or phone us on (08) 9388 1166.

 “Lose weight the right way…use your muscles and metabolism  to burn off body fat, this is the key to weight loss and long term weight stability!”
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Why Choose Us

  • Our mission is to end your confusion on what to eat, and get you back to the basics of what your body REALLY needs to thrive.
  • We help you put the correct fuel into your body, and just like a car, premium fuel keeps your precious machine running at its best.
  • We teach you how to get your energy and vitality back through food, whilst regaining your correct body weight.
  • We educate how better meal choices can help in the prevention of long term health problems such as Heart Disease and Diabetes 2.
  • Our eating plans use foods which are readily available at your local supermarket or health food store.
  • Put simply our programs work!
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