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*Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols

Is the program easy to follow?

As is the case with anything new, it can take a week or so to learn the methodology of the Body Balancing Nutrition program. After this time it will become second nature and you will find it easy. You will feel so great and energised that you will realise what a significant improvement the Body Balancing Nutrition plan offers. Patients often comment on how easy the program is, that the whole family can follow it and it fits into their lifestyle with ease.

It is normal from time to time to have blowouts on alcohol, chocolate, dessert and the like. At Body Balancing Nutrition we recognise this is a natural part of life and therefore have food and behavioural protocols and tools that help you manoeuvre through these mine fields with ease and without guilt. This makes our program a lifestyle not a diet.

It always makes sense to get exercise if you can. However, there is a very high chance you will see results without exercising. Unlike other weight loss programs that attain weight loss (that is mostly muscle loss) the Body Balancing Nutrition program promotes growth hormone. Growth hormone enhances muscle growth and body fat burning capacity. Hence the program is very good at building muscle and burning body fat for energy.

Yes. The Body Balancing Nutrition program is easy and versatile. It is designed to fit into your lifestyle. You will find you will be able to dine out with ease.

Yes. Fish oils are essential to the program and we sell them in a large economical tub. These fish oils are of the highest pharmaceutical grade and quality. You will not find any other fish oils this good on the market.

As a fully-fledged nutritional practice, we will analyse your body’s chemistry to assess if there is any need for additional supplements. We specialise in hormonal control and adrenal support. Not all bodies are the same and so you may need some metabolic correction through natural prescription to optimise your body.

Our InBody 570 Body Composition Analyser will monitor your progress in terms of water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral and more, allowing us to regularly monitor your level of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development, so you can understand how your BBN eating plan, lifestyle and training regime is influencing your overall body composition.

Yes, we have a database of recipes available to you on our website, all designed to inspire and motive you.

A number of payment options are available. Plans include (upfront), 2 or 3 instalment plans and payment plans. These will be discussed in your Clinical Fat Loss Consultation.

Absolutely not! Body Balancing Nutrition corrects your bodies imbalances leaving you satisfied and full. Our many testimonials confirm this. You will feel the benefits within 3 days.

We aim to de-mystify all the confusion out there on what to eat. We teach you how to lose weight the correct way and then maintain it for life. We work together with you in detailed sessions and have a genuine concern for your success, designing a meal plan specifically tailored to you.  Based on your results from our Body Composition Analyser and other contributing factors we are able to calculate your Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat requirements.