Measuring visceral fat is essential to start your health makeover

We all need to start somewhere, get the facts before you start losing fat

At Body Balancing Nutrition, fat loss is a breeze. We nourish your body back to balance with a natural healthy eating plan that fits ‘your’ lifestyle – no shakes or meal replacements, just real food. Our holistic support guides you to losing weight by addressing hormonal, behavioural, dietary and exercise markers and issues.

Losing weight is one thing but losing fat is something else. We can help you do both, also including helping you lose dangerous visceral fat, the fat that surrounds your internal abdominal organs.

We balance your diet with the right ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to trigger maximum fat loss, metabolic stimulation and hormonal balancing.

This FREE “Breakthrough Clinical Fat Loss” consultation will provide you with:

  •  A medical history review
  • Dietary analysis & recommendations on accelerating your weight loss
  • Body fat analysis
  • A body composition report including body fat, visceral fat and bone health.<< Phone us now to register: (08) 9388 1166 >>

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