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Healthy EatingHolistic health and nutrition for better, long-term results

Healthy Eating

Body Balancing Nutrition offers bespoke dietetic services. Our highly qualified nutritionists use a holistic approach to healthy eating, which includes weight loss, pregnancy, and wellness and sports nutrition. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change and need good eating habits to boost mental and physical energy, contact our specialists today.

Holistic health includes working on the mind, body and spirit, each of which are equally important to health and wellness. Our team will assess your exercise routine, mindset and eating habits before recommending a suitable eating plan for your unique requirements.

The right foods and correct intake contribute to more energy, better weight management and increased focus and concentration. Without the right nutrition you may find yourself struggling to focus, unable to retain information, experiencing memory problems, have an inability to lose weight, and feeling mentally and physically rundown all the time. The importance of a good diet cannot be overstated enough.

At Body Balancing Nutrition, we see a variety of adults and children with diet-related challenges. Clients are put on personalised healthy eating programs relative to their needs.

Heathy eating for athletes

If you’re an athlete requiring up-to-date sports nutrition, we have what you need. Speak to us about increasing your energy levels, preparing an eating plan to help you tone your body, or how to bulk up for weight events. We assist recreational and professional athletes.

If life is catching up with you, and your energy levels are not coping, it’s time to make a change. Too much stress and the wrong nutrition will compound the lethargy you’re feeling and the strain your body and mind are constantly under.

Good eating habits also help to combat blood sugar problems, allergies and several diseases. If you’re struggling with diabetes, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), bloating and stomach cramps, chat to us. Prevent long-term issues with the right healthy eating plan from our Perth-based nutritionists.

Health eating for kids

Kids are used to chasing sugar highs, which drastically impact moods, concentration and overall activity. Get your kids’ nutrition back on track with nutrition programmes based on what your child needs. We take into account allergies, digestion and concentration challenges, and fussy eating. Give your child the benefits of healthy eating, with a tailored eating plan.

If you’re struggling to lose weight or manage your eating habits, the best way forward is to start with an eating plan that establishes goals for you. You could be caught in a cycle of bad eating habits, which are difficult to break. Perhaps you have found that you struggle to find food that appeals to you, so you eat the same unhealthy stuff over and over again. Body Balance nutritionists will create an eating plan to suit your lifestyle, tastes and health needs.

Our team of highly experienced nutritionists are accredited dieticians with backgrounds in sports, kids’ nutrition, and health and wellness. Our fully equipped facility allows us to effectively assess clients of all ages.

Get back on track and take your life back with healthy eating habits. Contact Body Balancing Nutrition today to book an appointment.