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Visceral Fat (the nasty fat)

Visceral fat is the nasty disease causing fat located around the abdominal region and is different from ‘subcutaneous’ fat, which is the fat just beneath the skin.

This dangerous fat is collected around the abdominal area, and inside the abdomen, making it an extremely hazardous side effect of weight gain. Visceral fat envelops the organs, namely the heart, liver and spleen, placing extra pressure on their functions and is a leading factor in the onset of heart disease, Diabetes 2, high cholesterol and certain cancers.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, and therefore worried about your visceral fat level Contact our friendly team at Body Balancing Nutrition for your FREE Clinical Fat Loss Consultation (Valued at $139).

In this FREE Consultation your body composition will be analysed by an InBody 570 which is TGA approved and medical grade technology.

The InBody 570 measures your body composition in terms of water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral levels and is also able to measure your current visceral fat level. This device is extremely accurate and allows you to see where your body is currently at.

Here’s what we will also cover in this FREE consultation…

  • Learn the real reasons why you are still carrying weight
  • Find out if your hormones may be stopping you achieving your ideal weight (both male & female)
  • Learn tips to increase energy and stamina levels through better food choices
  • Find out what your target body weight should be based on your age, height, sex and body type
  • Discover the misinformation given that may be stopping you from succeeding with weight loss
  • Discover how you can lose weight using a proven, step by step plan and keep it off long term.

We’ll show you a detailed, customised body composition analysis report including your:

  • Percentage body fat
  • Visceral fat level (the nasty disease-causing fat surrounding your abdominal organs)
  • Skeletal muscle density
  • Muscle/body symmetry

At the end of the consultation, when you understand more about how we can help and what we do you then decide the next step. If you would like our Nutritionists and Dietitian to help get your visceral fat down and you to your ideal weight, then we can. If not, at least you will have a clear understanding on what your visceral fat level currently is and where it ideally should be.

In reality, it’s not overly difficult to achieve and maintain your ideal weight, you just need the right information and tools, which is why we offer you this free consultation to relax and enjoy your first time with us, with no obligation.

For an eating plan that is designed around your individual requirements and really works contact us on 08 9388 1166 now.

“Once you learn the right way, you’ll know better for the rest of your life!”