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Body fat measuring

If you’re struggling to lose weight visit us at Body Balancing Nutrition where our team of dieticians and wellness specialists are on hand to assist you. Amongst our many health and wellness services, we offer a measuring visceral fat service; visceral fat is considered a dangerous element of any bad diet.

Visceral fat is different from what is known as ‘subcutaneous’ fat, which is the fat just beneath the skin. This dangerous fat is collected around the abdominal area, and inside the abdomen, making it an extremely hazardous side effect of extreme weight gain. Because it is located in the mid-section of the body, visceral fat envelops the organs, namely the liver and spleen, placing extra pressure on their functions.

Prevent future health issues

Body fat measuring is simple enough. However, visceral fat needs to be evaluated more closely because it is a major cause of high cholesterol and diabetes, and it’s important to know exactly what kind of fat you are dealing with. Identifying your body fat ratio and level of visceral fat will help you decide what treatment or programs are necessary to reduce them if need be. In addition you can save yourself from additional health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and other complications.

Even if you have a normal weight, but find you are struggling with blood sugar or pressure problems, contact us today for a visceral fat measurement.

At Body Balancing Nutrition, our team of dieticians and wellness coaches will work with you to create a tailored fat loss program that targets the visceral fat. You will need to eliminate certain foods, install an effective exercise regime, and track what you are consuming. Our job is to help you install and maintain a diet that you find easy to follow, and makes your life better while assisting with weight loss.

For a fat loss diet that works for you, contact us today. Take a new stance on your eating habits and enjoy the benefits of ditching the weight. Contact us today for an appointment. Our team of nutritionists is on hand to assist you.