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Health risk assessment

Take charge of your wellbeing with a comprehensive health check from Perth-based Body Balancing Nutrition. Establishing a strong foundation on which to build your mind, body and spirit, is essential for your physical and mental health.

Stress, bad eating and sleeping habits, burnt-out adrenals and overworked digestive systems are all symptoms of a fast-paced lifestyle. Take the first step to injecting new life back into your body and mind with an overall health check from our team of nutrition specialists.

At Body Balancing Nutrition, we work on health and wellness to help you achieve overall robust health.

Nutrition is essential for energy, concentration and the ability to handle stress and enjoy life, which is why we offer a full body health check, enabling us to provide you with a program of nutritional information suitable to your individual requirements.

When signing up for a full health check at our Perth studio, we ask for information regarding past injuries or challenges, examine your current health, perform a range of tests and identify any potential problems. Using a variety of integrative methods and dietetics, we offer advice and solutions to help you achieve your best health.

Without realising it, your body may be under a lot more stress that presents itself in various forms with a range of symptoms. If you’re struggling with a consistently bloated stomach, anxiety and exhaustion, amongst other debilitating symptoms, you require a health risk assessment. We also offer hormone and stress management as part of our services.

Perhaps you feel fine and want to participate in an Ironman competition, run a marathon or climb a mountain. We’ll perform a health assessment and advise you on how to increase your energy levels and overhaul your nutrition as a means to achieving your goal.

All risk assessments are treated with an approach to boost overall wellbeing. Given the fact that nutrition plays a large part in being able to be a fully functioning person on all levels, we involve dietetics in our approach to assisted healing or boosting your health.

If you want to change the way you feel and look, start with a balanced eating plan based on your physical make-up. Contact us today for a full body check-up at our Perth-based studio where our team of nutritionists are on hand to assist you.