Melanie M



  • Weight loss
  • Gut health
  • Pregnancy/Women’s Health


  • Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition
  • NSA
  • Nutrition Australia


Mel is a firm believer that optimal health starts with food, and full body wellness begins and ends with the food you put in to your mouth.

Mel has completed her Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition at Edith Cowan University. While studying at university, it was a revelation when she was able to truly understand and put in to perspective the importance of a balanced diet and the huge impact eating can have in the prevention of chronic disease.

At BBN Mel loves to support and motivate clients to be the best they can be by fuelling their body with nutritious and delicious food, whilst often improving their attitude and relationship with food.

Mel creates a welcoming environment where clients feel supported and valued and is passionate about being involved in educating her clients on making healthy life choices for the long term.

Mel feels joy seeing her clients leave BBN with a huge smile and feels it is a privilege to share in their holistic journey as they achieve their weight-loss and wellness goals with the knowledge and power to live a healthy and balanced life.