Phoebe R

Nutritionist/Front Line Support

Phoebe has always been in love with the thought of food, and feels it plays such a large role in social events and bringing people together. She enjoys cooking and creating new healthy recipes for her family and friends.


Phoebe loves being at BBN as she feels she is part of a positive team who are driven to see clients succeed and achieve their health goals through a clearer understanding on eating better foods to fuel their bodies. She is there to support you with her encouraging words and warm smile.


Over the past 5 years Phoebe has had family members being diagnosed with chronic diseases and therefore has seen the difficulties and hardships they have faced; both mentally and physically. This has widened her belief on the true importance of education and healthier food choices to help prevent these issues arising.


Phoebe has completed a Double Major in Nutrition and Health Promotion and so is full of valuable knowledge and always there to help.