Tanya B Wellness Program Specialist

Tanya B

Wellness Program Specialist

Tanya has a wonderful talent of de-mystifying all the confusing information out there and delivering it to you in a way you can easily understand. She is totally committed
to helping you operate at your absolute best, endeavouring to motivate and inspire you with her ongoing high energy and passion to get your health to its optimum level.

Tanya’s background is in business and sales however her interest in health and wellness has become her biggest passion. Her desire is to education others around
food and the massive impact it has on us all living a higher quality of life both immediate and long term.

Tanya specialises in gaining a better understanding of you, your goals and what you are wanting to achieve and together with you, deciding on whether our programs will
be suitable for you, or not, and the best option available for your individual requirements. She can be to the point but feels this is key to understanding what is involved and the necessary mindset to succeed on your path to greater health and wellness.

As with the whole team at BBN, Tanya is committed to seeing you succeed and stay motivated not just in the short term but understanding that “Once you learn the right
way, you’ll know better for the rest of your life”