Success Stories

“No Words Can Describe How Grateful I am for Your Continued Support…and I’m 30kg’s Lighter!”

 Rewind to October 2015, the lowest point of my 37 years of existence, fatigued, sluggish, moody and extremely overweight it was time for change. I stumbled across BBN website and plucked up the courage to make the call. Little did I know this small step would change my life in so many ways. Daunted and overwhelmed I dragged my loving husband to my initial FREE consultation for moral support. I sat in that appointment, broken, overwhelmed and ashamed of how somewhere between, being a mother, a wife, working and running our busy household I'd forgotten along the way to take care of myself...... what sort of role model was I being for our two beautiful daughters! It was harsh.....brutally harsh, it confirmed what I knew deep down, but didn't want to acknowledge, my current eating habits and lifestyle choices had to change. Honestly, the first week was consuming, I felt like I'd been engulfed! Eating more then I'd ever eaten before felt unfamiliar. I wondered how on earth I was going to lose weight eating so much (I'd spent years eating two high carb meals a day, always too busy to eat). As the days went by, I became more prepared and my new found knowledge was applied, it became simple....too simple really! I was eating real food, my sugar cravings had stop and I never felt hungry. The weight literally feel off, my sleep improved (no more lying awake for hours in the middle of the night), my PMS become virtually non-existent (hubby and kids love this!) Mentally, I felt more at ease and alert, and as for my energy levels, they went through the roof! I honestly didn't realise how easy everyday life can be when you're eating a balanced diet tailored to your body. To me, this isn't a "weight loss program" it's an empowerment of knowledge for maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. Someone once said to me "Knowledge is Power", I can truly understand what they meant now. The incredibly supportive staff at BBN have given me that power, the power to change my life for the better, and this is something I'll be eternally grateful for. Fast forward to May 2016, I'm 30kg lighter (pure fat), equipped with a better understanding and knowledge of what it is my body needs to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. My advice to you.....take the step (you won't look back), trust your nutritionist (she's a wealth of knowledge), be prepared (won't be difficult with your new raging energy levels) and don't beat yourself up (you can't change the past but you can change the future). To the entire BBN team, no words can describe how grateful I am for your continued support, you've opened my eyes to a balanced lifestyle and you've completely turned my life around.....THANK YOU!   *Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols
- Mareesa R

 “I Stopped Being Focused on Weight Loss, and Started Reflecting on How Good I Felt and My Energy!”

 I have found the overall experience with BBN to be very enlightening and somewhat life changing. I have tried a number of other programs over the years with some giving me short term success, but nothing that really positioned me to be able to continue in a sustainable manner. BBN has provided me with knowledge and educated me through constant support and accountability of what I eat, the quantities in which I eat them and the importance of getting the protein, carbohydrates and oils in the right balance and rations. I will continue to follow the BBN principles as I find them easy to apply in my day to day activities, regardless if I am preparing something from my pantry and fridge, if I am looking for produce in the supermarket or grower’s markets, or sitting in a restaurant ordering off a menu. I have extended my program with BBN as I feel I am getting good support and value for money. My main goal was always weight loss, however within the first week (or so) of being on the program, it quickly changed my mental clarity and sense of wellbeing. As I started to understand how my body worked and the food it needed, I stopped being focused on weight loss and started to reflect on how ‘good health food’ (in the right ratios) actually made me feel good and gave me energy to meet the demands of my hectic schedule. The team at BBN are just great and I always felt that they were totally committed to assisting and supporting me in my journey to better health and well-being. *Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols  
- Mark J

“I Am Now 17kgs Lighter – and into a Size 12 Jeans From A Size 20”

Well I started out very sceptical about Body Balancing as a way to lose weight, after all hadn’t I tried every diet going for years and years, but my son was insistent that this was no ordinary eating plan. At his insistence, but reluctantly, I went for my first visit. My weekly eating plan was so simple and easy- bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato or spinach every morning, I couldn’t believe my luck, this wasn’t a diet but a way of living my life. Each week I continued to lose weight whilst eating more than I thought possible. My cholesterol came down and my blood pressure came down. The girls were amazing and supportive and always there to encourage and help. It was so easy and I am now 17kgs lighter – into a size 12 jeans from size 20, feel amazing and have more energy now than for many years. I have and will continue to recommend this Body Balancing way of life – to get a life!   *Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols    
- Elaine J

NOT a One Size Fits All Program... This Is My Eating Plan Tailored Just For Me!

I contacted BBN nine months ago after several months of trying to lose weight using methods I had used, with some success, over the years.  But nothing was shifting this time.  More importantly than a smaller jeans size, I was in need of a greater sense of wellbeing and wellness. After the initial week or two of ‘getting my head around it’ I found my new eating plan easy and reassuring. Reassuring because I know what I will be eating from meal to meal. This is definitely NOT a standard ‘one size fits all program’.  My wonderful, knowledgeable nutritionist worked out an eating plan tailored just for me whilst taking into account my health concerns, likes/dislikes and activity level.  I love to cook (and eat!) so have enjoyed trying new recipes from the BBN website, and also still prepare the family favourites – with maybe a tweak or two, with the family none the wiser!   I have breakfast or lunch out once or twice a week and have had no problem ordering off the menu. I am absolutely delighted that I have gone from a ‘tight’ size 16 to a 10/12 and feel amazing!  After being on the program for six weeks a visit to my doctor saw my blood pressure and thyroid medications reduced. I was thrilled and my doctor was so impressed she called me several days later for the contact details of BBN to pass on to another patient.  The positive comments from friends and workmates have been wonderful. I have even been asked if I’ve had ‘work done’!There is no magic potion or pill. It’s just real food & really good advice.  I actually felt the results and health benefits after only a couple of days.I no longer view this journey as a diet or program. It is a way of life. I will indulge from time to time and have dessert or chocolate, but I do so guilt free in the knowledge that my next meal will be perfectly balanced for me.  Although my diet wasn’t ‘bad’ before, my body just wasn’t getting the best out of what I put into it.  I would recommend BBN to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lifestyle to attain a greater sense of wellbeing and lose weight. Checking in with them every couple of weeks has been very beneficial.  Their advice is always helpful and I come away from each appointment learning a thing or two.  The staff at BBN are always lovely and helpful. They are all gorgeous so must practice what they preach!   *Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols
- Michelle R

I Am Losing Body Fat While Retaining My Muscle!

I'd been trying to better manage my weight for quite some time and although I exercised most days to a high level of intensity I found it difficult to get anywhere near achieving my target weight.  I needed to align my exercise program to that of a more controlled and better defined eating program, BBN has provided this interface and what a great job they have done to date! I am losing body fat at a sensible rate whilst retaining my muscle definition which is helping me immensely in reaching my target weight.  I find the eating program very manageable and the staff extremely knowledgeable, friendly and very supportive. What BBN have taught me is the importance of eating the right types of foods in the appropriate quantities.  It's not a diet but a change in lifestyle, one that promotes for a healthier life. I recommend BBN to anyone that is looking to change their lifestyle and improve their health significantly, they’ve certainly helped me!   *Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols
- Tom D