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3.5 months later and with no change to my training regime, I’ve lost 7.5kg of fat and gained 2.1kg muscle.

I’ve been training like a demon for years and always carried excess fat. I tried varying “diets” with little effect. When a good friend plugged BBN, I thought I’d have…

“No Words Can Describe How Grateful I am for Your Continued Support…and I’m 30kg’s Lighter!”

 Rewind to October 2015, the lowest point of my 37 years of existence, fatigued, sluggish, moody and extremely overweight it was time for change. I stumbled across BBN website and…

 “I Stopped Being Focused on Weight Loss, and Started Reflecting on How Good I Felt and My Energy!”

 I have found the overall experience with BBN to be very enlightening and somewhat life changing. I have tried a number of other programs over the years with some giving…

“I Am Now 17kgs Lighter – and into a Size 12 Jeans From A Size 20”

Well I started out very sceptical about Body Balancing as a way to lose weight, after all hadn’t I tried every diet going for years and years, but my son…

NOT a One Size Fits All Program... This Is My Eating Plan Tailored Just For Me!

I contacted BBN nine months ago after several months of trying to lose weight using methods I had used, with some success, over the years.  But nothing was shifting this…

I Am Losing Body Fat While Retaining My Muscle!

I'd been trying to better manage my weight for quite some time and although I exercised most days to a high level of intensity I found it difficult to get anywhere…

People Don’t Just Comment on my Weight Loss, They Have Noticed a “Glow”….

I first heard about Body Balancing Nutrition from a friend.  I might not have taken much notice but for a woman in her late fifties she was in remarkably good…

“Definitely the Best Thing I Have EVER Done for Myself!”

In one sentence, my experience with BBN has been life changing. I feel so good, both in body and mind (as strange as that might sound). I actually did not…

“BBN is Inspiring and Impacts People in the Most Positive Way!”

It has now been 5 months since I contacted the team at Body Balancing Nutrition. I was not feeling well and tipping my scales at 117kg. I am now some…

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