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“I Feel Much Better, and I Also Shed the Excess 7kg of Fat Without Losing Any Muscle!”

I came to BBN mainly to improve my health and wellbeing. Weight loss was secondary given I was carrying only 7kg of excess weight (although getting rid of it would…

“It’s Amazing How Well I Felt Only Two Weeks In…”

With so many views on diet and nutrition I was constantly jumping from one fad diet to the next which I could never sustain. In June 2016 I was ready…

“I Have Tried ALL of the Fad Diets That Are Out There, BUT Never Again!”

I have been struggling with an injury for over a year and as a result I have not been able to exercise and found myself steadily gaining weight. I tried…

“More Importantly, I Have Learnt to Think Differently About the Way I Eat….”

Having made the commitment to live healthier and lose weight, Tanya and the team really helped me turn that ambition into reality. Not only have I acquired new habits, but…

“Knowledge of my Individual Medical Condition Gave Me Complete Confidence….”

Before my consult with Body Balancing Nutrition, I struggled with my weight, energy levels and overall health. Having come from a long history suffering an Auto immune disorder, my physical…

“I Have Lost Weight WITHOUT Exercise!”

When my age started to influence my weight, I was still relatively fit as I did regular exercise. However, chronic plantar fascitis and symptoms of fibro myalgia prohibit me from…

“I Even Began Doing Some Light Exercises Which I Hadn’t Done in a Long Time!”

After often complaining to my husband about how I needed to lose weight, and after many attempts with no long lasting results, we found BBN. We liked their program of…

“I Was at the Point Where Weight Loss Seemed Impossible…then BBN Changed my Whole Perspective!”

I was at the point where weight loss seemed impossible. It didn’t appear to matter how “good” I tried to be, I couldn’t sustain weight loss and I was very…

“BBN Has Motivated Me to Continue to Apply the Principles to Suit my Lifestyle”

I joined the BBN program because I wanted to build muscle and lose body fat through diet and exercise. The BBN program in conjunction with regular exercise is a healthy…

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