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With Your BBN Plan We Found It Very Easy

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for helping Rob lose so much weight.   He is so much happier, and more energetic. His back pain, combined with…

“Initially I did the program to cut weight and did so without any problems, now I’m building muscle….”

I have never been terribly overweight however have always been affected by slowly adding on the kilos each year. Despite trying multiple quick fix weight loss solutions from shake diets,…

I Have Learnt the Right Way

I have found BBN very interesting and educational. I have now learnt the right way to eat and combine my foods. It is fun trying their recipes or inventing new…

I Can’t Believe I Can Eat AND Lose Weight Without Hunger Pains!!

Recommended by a friend, I attended Body Balancing for weight-loss.  What I got in return was so much more. I feel refreshed, energised and strong. My sleep quality and quantity…

If You Want To Get Back On Top, I’d Be Calling on BBN As Soon As You’ve Finished Reading This!

I decided it was finally time for a change in my lifestyle and eating habits after a couple of years of neglecting my health. I chose BBN to help me.…

“We BOTH Have More Energy and Feel Better Than Ever!!!”

My husband and I thought we ate relatively healthily but our weight just continued to creep up. We heard about BBN from a friend and decided to see what it…

“I’ve lost 10 kilos with BBN and I plan on losing a whole lot more…!”

Since first walking in the door at Body Balancing Nutrition, I have felt comfortable and supported. The reception staff are absolutely amazing, they always greet everyone with a smile and…

“BBN Has Motivated Me to Continue to Apply the Principles to Suit my Lifestyle”

I joined the BBN program because I wanted to build muscle and lose body fat through diet and exercise. The BBN program in conjunction with regular exercise is a healthy…

“I Have Lost Weight WITHOUT Exercise!”

When my age started to influence my weight, I was still relatively fit as I did regular exercise. However, chronic plantar fascitis and symptoms of fibro myalgia prohibit me from…

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