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“Being an Athlete, I Feel Confident I Have the Tools To Fuel My Body Correctly…”

Being an athlete, nutrition is a key factor in performance and something I have always struggled with. Body Balancing Nutrition has helped me tremendously in figuring out what my body…

“We Lost 12kg’s Each and Are Still Losing Weight on Our Own!”

 5 Stars for you guys!!   Myself and my husband started the program in Feb 2016 finishing June 2016.  We found the program easy to follow however food prep commitment is…

Through the Roof Energy Levels

BBN, and particularly my Nutritionist has helped me with life changing results. Being overweight, feeling tired and with “niggly” health issues all caused me to research. I learnt through the…

With Your BBN Plan We Found It Very Easy

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for helping Rob lose so much weight.   He is so much happier, and more energetic. His back pain, combined with…

“Initially I did the program to cut weight and did so without any problems, now I’m building muscle….”

I have never been terribly overweight however have always been affected by slowly adding on the kilos each year. Despite trying multiple quick fix weight loss solutions from shake diets,…

I Have Learnt the Right Way

I have found BBN very interesting and educational. I have now learnt the right way to eat and combine my foods. It is fun trying their recipes or inventing new…

I Can’t Believe I Can Eat AND Lose Weight Without Hunger Pains!!

Recommended by a friend, I attended Body Balancing for weight-loss.  What I got in return was so much more. I feel refreshed, energised and strong. My sleep quality and quantity…

If You Want To Get Back On Top, I’d Be Calling on BBN As Soon As You’ve Finished Reading This!

I decided it was finally time for a change in my lifestyle and eating habits after a couple of years of neglecting my health. I chose BBN to help me.…

“We BOTH Have More Energy and Feel Better Than Ever!!!”

My husband and I thought we ate relatively healthily but our weight just continued to creep up. We heard about BBN from a friend and decided to see what it…

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